Thursday, 12 May 2016

Getting Started with Scratch Coding in a Primary Classroom Part 2

These are introductory lessons for Primary students (and teachers) using

The first series of four lessons are here:

Today we will focus on "Debugging" a program. When something isn't working right students can look at the stack of blocks that make up the program to find out what is wrong. Students should have done the first 4 projects before trying these "Debugging" lessons.

I have tried these with various Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes, and the lessons have gone well. As time goes by lessons will be added that increase the complexity of the tasks. I am working with teachers in every grade up to Grade 6. None of them had any experience coding before, so don't be afraid to try!

Each of these tutorials can be played for the class, students should click on the Scratch Project Page link directly below the video to get started. It may be easier to take your students to this website where I am posting the tutorials:

Debugging a Program - Part 1:

Debugging a Program - Part 1: Click here!

Once they have figured out the first project, have them try the second one:

Debugging a Program - Part 2: Click here!

Then once they have solved both problems, have them create their own debugging program for another student to solve. 

More tutorials to come! 

Happy Coding!