Friday, 28 February 2014

Learning to Collaborate with GAFE (Google Apps for Education) for Elementary Students

Welcome to Collaborating with GAFE (Google Apps for Education)! Today we are learning how to work on something collaboratively with a partner. Have fun!

A couple of tips to get you started...
When you open a new document, always name it, that way it is easier to share, and both you and your partner will know what it is.

When you are ready to share, click on the share button.

Then select “Anyone with the link”.

Select “Can edit”.

In the Invitation box, start to type your partner’s email address. Usually it will pop up under your typing.


DRAWING: Ceate a Drawing page and share it with your partner through email. Take turns typing clues while the other person tries to draw what you're thinking of on the screen. After the person drawing it has guessed what you were describing, then you switch and you type clues to your partner while they draw what you're describing.

DOCUMENT: Create a Document page, and then start writing a story. After the first sentence of your story, email an invite to your partner so that they can continue your story and take turns writing a sentence at a time. Each sentence must have either an adjective, or an adverb in it.

Create a presentation, then click on "Insert". Choose "Picture", then choose "Search".
Upload a picture for your partner to describe with a caption. Email an invitation to your partner. They will create a slide with a picture for you to write about as well. Each picture must have a caption (a sentence describing what is happening in the picture).

SPREADSHEET: Open a spreadsheet page, and make a series of questions on a topic of your choosing.

Make sure the first box is empty (blue arrow). The data should be collected in the top row horizontally, and the first row vertically (green arrows).

Once you have collected your data, highlight the boxes with information for your graph.

Click the graph icon to create a graph.

See how many of the settings you can edit once you have created your graph.

Don't forget to name your graph!

Video Walkthrough on How to create a graph:

Great work! Happy collaborating!

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